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The search for Helsinki Cocktail 2017 has begun.

The Helsinki Cocktail is a splash of Helsinki in a cocktail glass. It is the city’s best drink where its flavor, appearance and story are all inspired by the vibrant capital itself.

The very first Helsinki Cocktail Competition was held on April 2016 in hope to find a signature cocktail for Finland’s capital, and to celebrate the skills and expertise of its bartenders. The competition invited the best local bars to showcase their unique creations to the jury, and cocktail lovers alike. Eventually, the winner of the competition was Pastor Drink & Dine, whose delicious drink was deemed the Helsinki Cocktail 2016.

Now the thrill is on again, as the search of the Helsinki Cocktail 2017 has begun. Again, the elite of the capital’s bars will unveil its newest Helsinki-inspired drinks, and the final of the competition takes place in Ravintola Teatteri on Tuesday the 23rd of May.

The Helsinki Cocktail 2017 will be served in all the competition’s participant bars throughout the summer, from the 1st of June until the 31st of August. The Helsinki Cocktail Map helps you to navigate to the tastiest cocktail of the 2017.